rocks project

Difference between rocks and minerals and how to extract rocks or minerals.

A rock is an inorganic and a solid naturally-formed substance. A mineral is also a solid, inorganic, substance as that of the rock which has a definite crystalline structure 


We make things out of rocks and minerals like jewelry

To properly take a rock out from the soil you loosen the soil then dig around it then pull it out gently.

video:Rock or Mineral: What’s the Difference – YouTube

Types of rocks

igneous rocks are formed when magma cools or sets the characteristics are dark-colored holes and hot.

Near volcanoes and underground

.Example obsidian diorite andesite


 Metamorphic rocks are formed from extreme heat and pressure

characteristics are foliated textures random crystal orientation and mineral grains grow larger as metamorphism increases 

Location: anywhere in the world

Examples marble schist and slate


Sedimentary rocks are formed from weather erosion

Location: basically anywhere

Example: coral and fossils

video:The 3 Types of Rocks – YouTube

rock research project

Basalt is an igneous rock found in volcanoes all over the world and is usually formed due to lava flow and is very abundant in earth crust basalt is used as a rock dust fertilizer for plants  and people melt basalt to create pipes



Limestone is a very common type of carbonate sedimentary rock limestone is formed when droplents with calcium carbonate leak through cave ceilings evaporate limestone is found anywhere where an ancient sea existed usually on continental crust limestone is mostly used in architecture.


Marble can be found all over the world and is formed by subjecting limestone to extreme pressure or heat

marble is a metamorphic rock.

and is used for making and decorating houses and architecture

Creative writing- Blankville


Welcome! Blankville is a village where all is seeable but also invisible.

The villagers are invisible but the landscape isn’t so you can see their footprints therefore they are visible.

Blankville is located in the center of the earth where it is very hot as they need the magma there to stay invisible. Blankville members stay invisible to avoid being eaten by predators but they are very dim-minded because no predators can get into the center of the earth.


1.No being visible. You must always be invisible at all time

2.There are other rules


Bankville is located deep underneath the arctic

At the center of the earth to stay safe and warm the citizens chose this area to be safe from predators winter and cold weather. They also chose this area for easy metal forging and a lot of iron. Blankville looks completely invisible because every road is invisible but the houses aren’t the houses, in fact, are little rock houses that blend in The roads are very slippery so blankville citizens traverse very carefully while moving slowly on the roads for the highways blankville members move super quickly at the off course roads which don’t have rails blankville citizens fall down into the lava sometimes so citizens move very slowly and carefully.


Current president:

The current president of blankville is sir blank the XXV meaning sir blank the 25th

And the vice president of blankville is Miss.Blankess the XXX meaning Miss blankess the 30th.

The president of blankville gets to decide whatever the blankians do this leads to a lot of rebellions. Here is the official flag of blankville 


Special holidays:

1.Fast of blank this holiday is a special holiday where everybody fasts and goes above into the cold and is visible to sacrifice their lives to the president if willing. This is also a sad holiday where everyone mourns the dead. The holiday occurs on February 29th every leap year

2.Holiday of the blank

This holiday is a holiday of Joy where the president throws a party and everyone celebrates along with this every young blankville citizen will get a surprise box in their mail from the president This holiday occurs on the last day of each month.

3.The blank 7 day party

On this holiday There is no school, no work, everything is just fun. Also, 1 lucky citizen gets to be president for the week. The citizen is chosen in a raffle then a competition. 


Cookie Excavation

Today we got to make a cookie project

What we did was predict how much chocolate chips were in the cookie the bottom and the top

for me I found 21 chocolate chips total I predicted 16 chocolate chips 10 on the top and 6 on the bottom we excavated the cookies using toothpicks

we also had to draw what the cookie looked like before excavation.

A geologist is a person who studies rocks and minerals to predict things that might happen in the future.

What does a Geologist do? – YouTube

Science – Pulley project

My project was the elevator I am using a fixed pulley because I do not want the pulley to turn around. Here is a video about different types of pulleys:

Simple Machines–Pulley and its types | Grade-4,5 | Science | TutWay | – YouTube



1. I got a box and cut the bottom

2. I put a dowel in between

3. I put in a string

4. I attached the string to the platform

5.I attached 3 cardboard pieces together to make another box

6. I attached the box to it





4.tape and hot glue


My hypothesis was that it would go up/down depending on how the string i knew this because pulleys work by spinning the thing that pulls something up(aka pulley) that is attached to the platform so when I spin it the platform goes up.




My conclusion was correct the pulley pulled up the platform and the system work however I did have to make some adjustments. My adjustments were:

1.Cutting a lot of the box to make space

2.Attaching two boxes together because one wasn’t enough

3.Creating support platforms for it to stand

4.Using a bigger dowel because the smaller one couldn’t fit

5. The first one broke so I had to remake most of the pulley system and add more support to stop it from falling

Grade 4 nothing book review

                                The start

Peter wins a contest and gets a turtle as a reward then he introduces us to his family his mom fudge and his dad someone who works for the advertisement company Fudge is a young and messy person.

Fudge gets his dad mad at him by not eating and his dad takes him to the bath and dumps his cereal on him. Peter gets secretly happy because his mom gets mad at fudge which rarely happens.

In the later parts

we get introduced to shea

and Fudge, Peter, Shiela, go to the park peter has to babysit fudge with Shiela, Shiela is the leader fudge falls down and gets a few teeth lost believing he can fly his mother comes in and doesn’t get mad at Shiela and goes home with Peter in Peters house Peters mom gets very mad at him and Peter goes into his room and closes the door later his mom gets in and apologizes.



In the end, I think fudge and peter will have

a big break because they’ve been doing lots of things together maybe move to another country.

I would recommend this book to ages of 5-11

because of vocabulary and it’s very funny too

I would give this a  4-star rating because

  1. It’s a pretty short book
  2. It is filled with funny parts
  3. I like the way fudge is kind of the main antagonist but peter is.
  4. There’s is a moral that is pay attention to what you’re assigned to even if you don’t like it.

Legend Writing

Once upon a time in sandy desert village the citizens there had no water absolutely no water 

They would drink from cactus all day long or pay all their riches for a bottle of water.

Then something happened. A little kid came with a water bucket to the village he said he has a plan. He would use the bucket to transport water from his home to their village Meanwhile the builders of the town would build a well he would fill it with water and it worked the villagers were so happy they gave him a title and a statue i  the middle of the village everyone got water and the village became a metropolis.

book review

The blood of Olympus book review

(This book is recommended for 8-10-year-olds due to difficult words to read and understand.)


First third



Jason piper and Annabeth go to some ruins to find ghosts with earthen shells Jason is disguised as iros who was a beggar who helped hyppolitas

get Penelope as his wife and kill Odysseus. Later hyppolitas made iros fight Odysseus in Greek mythology. Jason met Michael varus a former roman praetor who now helps the evil earth goddess And tells the ghosts of his disguise then Jason Piper and Annabeth kill most of the ghosts and Jason is stabbed in the bottom by Michael varuses imperial gold gladius while Annabeth and piper find heras holy bed and summon her and hera tells them to sail across the Peloponnese to find the victory goddess and subdue her from her greek and roman forms fighting like other greek gods. Leo sails on his flaming ship the Argo 2 with Jason, hazel, frank, Annabeth, Percy, Piper, and coach hedge to find the victory goddess in Olympia once they find the victory goddess she forces them to fight to the death Leo gives each of them an Archimedes sphere that is harmless except for his. His friends start attacking the nickai and Nike is really angry at him so he throws the sphere which traps Nike in a place where she can’t escape.




Leo and his friends sail to Delos where they meet apollo and make a bargain with him to get a cursed daisy meanwhile piper and Annabeth are fighting a giant at the temple of Phobos and demos fear and hate where piper captures the makhai and they run. Leo flies on the argo 2 to them  and picks them up.



science blog





Light is something that travels forward from the source in a random direction until it hits something it cant pass through/opaque  then it gets reflected making a shadow.

Light is the fastest thing in the entire universe.

At class we experimented how light reflects.

And what materials make good reflectors.

We studied what opaque,translucent

Refraction and transparent mean.

It was very educational and fun  to experiment .

I learned that the mirror is a very good reflector.

I also learned how periscopes work.


I feel that science is going to teach me a lot this year while being very fun.

I also wonder what we are going to do after sound.

Overall I think that science will be fun and educational this year.





BY bob


Cells are the stuff that turns you into you inside them are your dna.

What species you are how you look like if you have brown eyes or hair.

Cell Structure

A cell has three parts: a membrane, nucleus and between the two the cytoplasm.

Inside the nucleus, there are genes and DNA chromosomes hold the DNA and genes chromosomes are thread-like structures located inside animals and plants.

 Cells consist of three parts: the plasma membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus. … The cytoplasm consists of cytosol in which are suspended.  the nucleus controls the activity of the cell.



  • How it forms


Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working. Old cells do not die and instead grow out of control, forming new, abnormal cells. These extra cells may form a mass of tissue, called a tumor.


  • How to stop it 


1.Don’t smoke…

2.Eat a healthy diet…

  1. be physically active. …

4.Protect yourself from the sun. …

5.Get vaccinated. …

6.Don’t be a daredevil …

7.Get regular medical care…

Immune system

The main parts of the immune system are: white blood cells, antibodies, the complement system, the lymphatic system, the spleen, the thymus, and the bone marrow.


Phages Are the ultimate virus and bacteria killers this is the procedure of what phages do

1.If in in living body find and follow virus/bacteria until touching virus/bacteria.

2.If touching a virus/bacteria insert genetic code wich is make more destroy yourself.


4.Once all viruses are dead destroy all phages.