Creative writing- Blankville


Welcome! Blankville is a village where all is seeable but also invisible.

The villagers are invisible but the landscape isn’t so you can see their footprints therefore they are visible.

Blankville is located in the center of the earth where it is very hot as they need the magma there to stay invisible. Blankville members stay invisible to avoid being eaten by predators but they are very dim-minded because no predators can get into the center of the earth.


1.No being visible. You must always be invisible at all time

2.There are other rules


Bankville is located deep underneath the arctic

At the center of the earth to stay safe and warm the citizens chose this area to be safe from predators winter and cold weather. They also chose this area for easy metal forging and a lot of iron. Blankville looks completely invisible because¬†every road is invisible but the houses aren’t the houses, in fact, are little rock houses that blend in The roads are very slippery so blankville citizens traverse very carefully while moving slowly on the roads for the highways blankville members move super quickly at the off course roads which don’t have rails blankville citizens fall down into the lava sometimes so citizens move very slowly and carefully.


Current president:

The current president of blankville is sir blank the XXV meaning sir blank the 25th

And the vice president of blankville is Miss.Blankess the XXX meaning Miss blankess the 30th.

The president of blankville gets to decide whatever the blankians do this leads to a lot of rebellions. Here is the official flag of blankville 


Special holidays:

1.Fast of blank this holiday is a special holiday where everybody fasts and goes above into the cold and is visible to sacrifice their lives to the president if willing. This is also a sad holiday where everyone mourns the dead. The holiday occurs on February 29th every leap year

2.Holiday of the blank

This holiday is a holiday of Joy where the president throws a party and everyone celebrates along with this every young blankville citizen will get a surprise box in their mail from the president This holiday occurs on the last day of each month.

3.The blank 7 day party

On this holiday There is no school, no work, everything is just fun. Also, 1 lucky citizen gets to be president for the week. The citizen is chosen in a raffle then a competition. 


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