Whats The matter Project Review


For my what’s the matter project I made a podcast about fossil fuel. In the podcast, I had to explain the chemical/physical changes that happen when it is used/burned the cons and pros of the topic.  During this project, I learned how to make a podcast but I knew most of the information beforehand and nothing was really surprising. I chose to make a podcast because I just thought of it and thought it would be cool with no real reason. the podcast link is right here: fossil fuels   

My Project 

Here some facts that are in my project

  • carbon dioxide is made of 2 oxygen atoms and 1 carbon atom
  • carbon monoxide is made of 1 carbon atom and  1 oxygen atom
  • fossil fuels are burned to make electrical energy
  • fossil fuels come in all  forms of matter
  • fossil fuels generate lots of energy at a single location


I wasn’t really proud of anything nor did I enjoy anything. I wouldn’t really do anything differently except choose a different format. for the future, i hope i don’t do this project again because i don’t like projects they are incredible boring and take a lot of time.

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